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We face many challenges and opportunities in the Christian life. The articles here will help you put into practice the principles of Scripture – every day!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
It’s so easy to remain where we are comfortable. Our rounds of church, work, friends, and family are reassuring, pleasant, and peaceful. But Paul urges us to get out of our comfort zone and to “associate with the lowly.” Why? Consider these seven powerful reasons! Read the full article.

Negative Memories: How Do We Move Forward?
We have all suffered terrible times in our lives. Sometimes we want to forget them as if they never happened, and sometimes we find ourselves dwelling on them so much that we are essentially “stuck.” How do we remember and yet still move forward? The answer is three-fold: we have to examine our aim, our attitude, and our approach. Read the full article.

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The Heart of the Gospel
Many Christians freeze up when they hear the word “evangelism.” They say things like, “I can’t share my faith!” “I don’t know what to say!” But in fact, it’s not complicated at all. It begins and ends with a Person … the Person who is at the heart of the gospel and the core of our faith: Jesus Christ. Read the full article.

Covenant Communication
Careless or caustic words can cause more damage in a marriage than anything else. Take the time to covenant together about how you will communicate - it will enrich your relationship every day. Read the full article.

How Does Deception Begin?
Where does deception begin? As in the Garden, deception often begins outside of yourself. It is certainly possible to be entirely self-deceived, but usually we have some help. That is, we’re going along with our lives, and someone or something influences us to believe a lie. Read the full article.

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