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Fiction & Poetry

Fiction and poetry have long been used to make the words of Scripture come alive. May the works on this page help you to “sink your roots” into the Word of God, to grow in your faith, and to bear good fruit in your life!  Each of these Christian E-books downloads within moments!

Meditations of a Slave Cover

Meditations of a Slave

Meditations of a Slave is the journal of a man redeemed by a Master who paid the ultimate price in order to re-claim his wayward slaves. Underlying Meditations of a Slave is the theme of obedience: obedience in daily living, obedience in despair, obedience in death. But through obedience, the narrator finds a freedom, joy, and sonship in his slavery that he never imagined in his wildest dreams.

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Wasteland Cover


Wasteland is the diary of a man's soul, in a surreal desert land where sin becomes tangible as blood. Judgment is no longer far off: it is near, and speaks in human voice. Despair and hope tangle in the stumbling steps of a convicted felon, and redemption is bought through blood price.

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A Sermon In Stone Cover

A Sermon in Stone

A Sermon in Stone is a book of poems drawn from the cathedrals of France. The cathedrals were the textbooks of their time: their stained glass windows taught the familiar Old and New Testament stories, their statuary was a remembrance to the saints who had had gone before, their architecture itself was symbolic of God, the cross, and the church. These massive monuments of the Christian faith were and are still today, sermons in stone.

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Kaleidoscope Cover


Kaleidoscope is a medley of poems, musings, drama and devotionals. Download it for free and enjoy its wide variety!

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