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Christian education is vital to the health of the Church and every individual in it. Read the articles below for insights and tools into creating an effective Christian education ministry!

12 Keys of Effective Teaching
What makes a dynamic class? Why do some small groups explode and some expire? What type of leader inspires participants to learn and grow? Put these 12 keys of effective teaching into practice, and you will see your class or group take on new life! Read the full article.

Learn to Listen
In order to be effective at Christian discipleship, you have to listen. Remember that listening is an active verb … a very active verb, and it takes both effort and practice. Here are four key areas to pay attention to when you are listening. Read the full article.

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What is the Gift of Teaching?
We could talk about the gift of teaching in terms of skill sets, personality types, and rhetorical styles – but we won’t. Not here. Instead, let’s discuss the gift of teaching in terms of what it is meant to accomplish in the Body of Christ. When you understand your calling, you will better understand your gift! Read the full article.

Give Fishing Lessons
An old proverb runs, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” That is one of the goals of Christian discipleship: to teach the other person to fish. Here’s how … Read the full article.

7 Essentials for an Effective Teaching Ministry
It’s time to approach Christian education with foresight and strategy. Here are seven requirements that are essential to the development of an effective teaching ministry. Read the full article.

The Struggle with Biblical Illiteracy
How would you define “biblical illiteracy”? And – more importantly – is the church today biblically illiterate? The answer may be a shocking “yes”! Read the full article.

Why are We So Biblically Illiterate?
Why, in a culture where nearly everyone can read, has access to a Bible, and has a church on every corner, is there such biblical illiteracy? And why has that biblical illiteracy infected the church as well? Because we have been undercut in four vitally important areas. Read the full article.

Write Out Your Lesson
Why take the time to write out a Bible study or Sunday School lesson before teaching it? Isn’t a rough outline good enough? Won’t writing out a lesson squelch the Spirit of God? Before you answer, consider all the benefits you – and your class – will gain when you prepare by writing out your full lesson. Read the full article.

The Importance of Discussion
Why include discussion in a Bible study, small group, or Sunday School class? Why not just lecture, or watch a great preacher or teacher on DVD, then call it quits for the day? Discussion is an essential part of every Bible study or teaching time for these six important reasons. Read the full article.

The Pitfalls of Discussion
Discussion is vital to Bible studies, small groups, and Sunday school classes. Yet sometimes, discussion ends in disaster. Here are five of the biggest reasons discussion can take a nosedive … Read the full article.

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