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Spend some quiet, quality time with these Christian devotionals to deepen your faith and your understanding of God.

A Creed for Daily Life
When life gets tough, it's important to re-affirm what you believe. Here's a creed to help you when you're down in the trenches. Read the full article.

Be Still and Know that I am God
When the world is full of noise, our schedules full of tasks, and our hearts full of anxiety, it is important to remember those vital words: "Be still and know that I am God." Read the full article.

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A New View of Patience
Is patience stillness of soul, an unbreakable calm, and an undisturbed faith? Or is it something far different? Something that has to do with tears, and sorrow, and pain? Read the full article.

Roll Away the Stone
Do you ever feel that your sin and guilt are a huge stone you are doomed to push forever in front of you? Someone else thought so, too ... but then the reality of the resurrection changed everything! Read the full article.

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