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Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God. Read the following articles to learn how to pray more effectively.

How to Pray for the Complete Person
To pray wisely for each other, we need to replace our one-sentence “God bless So-and-so” prayers with prayers for the complete person. Here is a checklist of six major areas to pray for when you are considering the people on your prayer list. Read the full article.

All I Can Do Is Pray
Once we assume the attitude of humility and understand that our adequacy comes from God, we will no longer despair when we are faced with situations that are beyond our control or help. Read the full article.

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Top 10 Confession Killers
What inhibits us from the effective practice of confession, either privately or corporately? Here are the top 10 confession killers! Read the full article.

Praying the Scriptures
For the Word to live in you, you must make it a part of your life — more than simply a part of your routine or a part of your knowledge. One way is to pray the Scriptures: here are some guidelines for how to make the Word come alive in your prayer life, whatever you are going through. Read the full article.

Sentence Prayers
The toughest prayers are often the ones that carry the most impact ... spend some time with these sentence prayers and experience the transforming power of God. Read the full article.

Answers vs. Wisdom
I often find myself praying, “Lord, tell me what to do!” or “Is this course of action that I’m considering right or wrong? Just tell me!” But I have finally realized that this is not the best kind of prayer, and, in many instances, is not even an appropriate kind of prayer. Read the full article.

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