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Spiritual maturity is our calling in Christ. The articles below explore different aspects of Christian growth and maturity to help you sink your roots and bear good fruit!

5 Keys to Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual maturity, or spiritual formation, is God’s call to every believer. But how to we achieve spiritual maturity? Here are five key areas that are essential to the development of spiritual maturity in the life of the Christian believer. Read the full article.

Does God Really Have a Roadmap for Your Life?
“How do I know God’s will?” is probably one of the most-asked questions by Christians of all ages. And like all questions, it has innumerable wrong answers, misunderstandings, and skewed viewpoints attached to it. Here is one of the biggest myths that can derail our Christian life. Read the full article.

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Learning is an Active Verb
How do we achieve spiritual maturity? To do so, we must realize that learning is not passive. We cannot be handed biblical knowledge and godly character on a silver platter. We have to work at it and strive for it. Here are five key points to help us understand that learning is an active verb. Read the full article.

Christian Discernment: A Practical Definition
What is really involved in Christian discernment? Is it something mystical? An inner sense? Or is it more practical than that? Here are the three “D’s” that define discernment and make it practical in everyday life. Read the full article.

Why Talk about Sin?
Talking about hell is passe. Fire and brimstone sermons are considered out of fashion. But have we gone too far and slipped into preaching - and living - a warm-fuzzy gospel? Why should we talk about sin? Read the full article.

God is Not Afraid of Process
When we look at our sin-riddled human nature, the call to holiness can seem beyond our reach. The good news is that God does not ask that we tackle every area of sin and weakness in our lives at once. Sanctification happens step-by-step. God is not afraid of process. Read the full article.

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