Lord of the Pieces

By Paula Marolewski, February 18, 2012 10:59 am

On rare occasions, I write songs. I’d like to share this one with you, entitled “Lord of the Pieces.” It was written out of pain and to comfort another who was in pain. For the melody and simple chording, please download the music here.


Lord of the Pieces

By Paula Marolewski


Where is the peace when my life is in pieces?

What can I do when hope lies crushed on the ground?

Where can I turn when my dreams have been shattered?

When what I have lost will never be found?


Some people tell me You’ll fix all the pieces,

That everything always comes right in the end.

But while I know that Your hand is at work here,

I also believe that some things just will not mend.


That’s why You must be …


Lord of the pieces before You’re Lord of my peace.

I’ve got to give You all the brokenness

Before I find release.

Take each and every shattered part,

Decide what You will do –

To mend and fix, to heal and change …

Or to leave them … broken through.


With all of my soul, I wish that time could go backward

That I’d never know the pain that daily I find.

In the night I’m tormented by doubt and by worry –

I can’t seem to stop the thoughts that whirl in my mind.


Lord, hear the prayer of Your struggling child,

In all of my sorrow help me to see:

That You bore my pain as You wept in the garden

And still in Your hands You wear the scars from the tree.


That’s why I’ll …


Give you the pieces, O Lord of my peace.

It is in Your brokenness

That I find my release.

Take each and every shattered part,

Decide what You will do –

I put them in Your nail-scarred hands,

For Lord, I trust in You.


Copyright 2006 Paula Marolewski, all rights reserved.

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