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Good vs. Evil
The Discipline of Discernment

Many Christians assume that “discernment” is some mystical gift, only given to hermits living on mountaintops. Discernment, they think, is something that can’t be defined. It’s a feeling. An intuition. An inner sense. It has something to do with having a special “in” with God. To know things. Or know about things. Or whatever. Certainly, it’s not for the regular churchgoer. Elders and pastors and such should “have discernment,” but it’s not for the person in the pew.

That is a lie of the devil. Discernment is not some vague “inner sense,” nor is it a mystical gift. Discernment is the ability to recognize good and evil, and it is a spiritual discipline. In this 4-lesson study, you will learn practical tools that you can put into use every day to sharpen your edge when it comes to the battle between good and evil.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Understanding Discernment

In the first lesson, hone your understanding of discernment by:

  • Studying the three “Ds” of discernment: detecting, defining, and discriminating.
  • Exploring what the Bible has to say about good, evil, and wisdom.

Lesson 2: The Prerequisites of Discernment

Review the six prerequisites of discernment – the essentials that must be in place in our lives if we are to accurately judge between good and evil, and make wise choices in life.

Lesson 3: The Tools of Discernment

God has given us four powerful tools to use each and every day in order to make wise decisions. Learn what they are, how to avoid the dangers that each one poses, and how to use them well!

Lesson 4: The Questions of Discernment

Discover five key questions you can use to help reason out whether something is good or evil. These questions apply to thoughts, actions, ideas, relationships, decisions, emotional reactions, ambitions, desires … in fact, to every area of life!

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