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Debunking the Myths About Knowing God’s Will

How to know God’s will is probably one of the most-studied topics for Christians of all ages. Whether we’re talking about the broad scope of “God’s will for my life,” or the smaller scale of “God’s will for me in this situation,” the question is asked constantly.

Like all questions, this one has innumerable wrong answers, misunderstandings, and skewed viewpoints attached to it. This study exposes five of the biggest and most common myths that people hold about the will of God … debunking them once and for all, and replacing them with the truth.

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Teaching Points

Myth #1: The Will of God is a Roadmap
If the will of God is a roadmap, what happens if you make a wrong turn?

Myth #2: The Will of God is Distasteful
Worried that because you hate bugs and sweat and heat, God will definitely send you to Africa as a missionary?

Myth #3: The Will of God is Concealed
Concerned that you can never find out the will of God – no matter how hard you try?

Myth #4: The Will of God is Abdicating Responsibility
Are you wary of making a decision because you are afraid it might not be God’s will?

Myth #5: The Will of God is Answers
Do you want God to send you a stone tablet in the mail with all the answers to your questions spelled out?

Discover the truths to counter these five myths! Download your copy today!

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