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Fire in My Mind
Personal Insights & Practical Help for Severe Anxiety
Fire In My Mind

Are you or is someone you know suffering from severe anxiety?

If you are suffering from severe anxiety, you are likely drowning in a flood of emotions. You may feel shame and guilt for having such anxieties. You may be literally afraid that you are going crazy. You may be terrified that others will reject or condemn you if they knew the extent of your struggles. You may be furious at your seeming inability to conquer the worries that gnaw at you. And you may very well doubt that God knows, cares, or can do anything to help.

If you know someone who is suffering from severe anxiety, you may be frustrated and confused – not grasping what you can do to help, not understanding why the struggle is so long and hard for them, not knowing where you can turn to in Scripture for guidance.

Fire in My Mind was written for you.

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Fire in My Mind is a Bible study series that will enlighten and encourage you. The author gives her personal and intimate struggle with anxiety. Her use of Scripture verses - which are not the usual passages we associate with anxiety - gives her book fresh, new insights as to how the Bible can be a source of comfort, encouragement, and hope. This book is a reminder of God's nearness and of His eagerness to comfort those who are anxious and discouraged. I was empowered by studying the application of God's Word to my own struggle with anxiety. Fire in My Mind is not only helpful to the person suffering from anxiety and fears, but is a guide for the Church to help those who are suffering from anxieties and fears.”

- Carole J. Murphy, Cognitive/Behavioral Instructor

Fire in My Mind can give essential support and help, whether you are suffering from anxiety yourself or are seeking to support someone who is struggling with severe anxiety. In eight intensely personal yet immensely practical chapters, you will receive:

  • Insight. Each chapter begins with a personal narrative called Inside My Mind. This section describes what it is like for the sufferer – it reveals the nature of their anxious thoughts and details what happens inside mind, emotions, body, and soul as anxiety takes hold.
  • Advice. The next section in each chapter is called Practical Matters. This gives rubber-meets-the-road advice for the sufferer, and explains how the friends and family members who make up the support group can best reach out to and support the sufferer. It often addresses common mistakes and shows why they are harmful.
  • Truth. The third section of each chapter, Truth from the Word, contains a series of five biblical meditations designed to walk the sufferer through vital scriptural truths that address the topic of the chapter. They were created to give the sufferer a solid spiritual framework in which healing can then take place.
  • Prayer. The final section of each chapter, Prayer from the Heart, contains a written prayer that the sufferer can use as an aid in talking with God about their anxiety. These prayers were created to help the sufferer put their pain into words and to then move on from the pain to affirm the principles discussed in the Truth from the Word sections.
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Mind, the Body, and the Brain
  • Fire in My Mind: Slowing Down Racing Thoughts
  • The Pounding of My Heart: Escaping the Clutch of Fear
  • No One Must Know: Removing the Burden of Shame
  • The Crazy Cycle: Facing Irrationality
  • Shaken Foundations: Addressing the Problem of Doubt
  • The Rage Within: Calming the Violence of Anger
  • Gasping for Breath: Finding the Strength to Carry On
  • A Whispered Cry: Admitting the Loneliness of Pain
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“I absolutely LOVE Fire in My Mind. Excellent writing – real, raw and compassionate. The chapter on shame is BRILLIANT and may actually save lives! The biblical theology is spot on and the practical exercises will certainly help those who will do them. I will be recommending this study to all those I know who suffer from anxiety.”

- Timothy I. Thomas, M. Div., President, Makarios Consulting, LLC

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